"Like Attracts Like" Explained

Ahoy, my beloveds!!!! I hope you are all doing well. I am in Starbucks with Baby Meadow doing my best to work on getting #FreedomFriday out to you as I try to keep her entertained & happy (not a simple task). But today's episode is based on a conversation I was having with one of my #RockinEmpath's last week. He brought up the phrase often mention in Law Of Attraction teachings: "Like attracts like"

David, our fellow #RockinEmpath, brought up the point that sometimes "like attracts like" doesn't apply, like in the dynamic of the Empath and the Narcissist where it seems that opposites attract.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to really explain what this commonly used phrase really means because I'm sure there are a lot of folks that may be a wee bit confused by this.

Here we go guys...